Monday, March 15, 2010

Friend Makin Monday

Head on over to Amber's blog to make some new friends. Here is my link up entry :)

I am.... SO jelous of Myra Lewis who just won the HGTV dream home!
I think.... I should have gone to the gym today :)
I should... definetly go to the gym tomorrow.
I dream.... about my blog being as popular as some other wonderful craft blogs out there that I love love!
I want.... to go on a much needed vacation!
I know... you all have great ideas to share, so email me to be featured :)
I don't like.... big paties
I smell... like my delicious Organix coconut shampoo
I hear.... HGTV in the background :)
I fear.... being without my sweet family
I usually... spend a lot of time blogging :)
I search... for new craft ideas constantly
I miss.... my nieces
I always... save my pennies
I regret.... a few things
I wonder.... how long it will take me to get my "pre-baby" figure back :)
I crave.... hershey cream pie!
I remember... being sixteen, doesn't seem that long ago
I need..... a bigger kitchen!
I forget.... to floss sometimes
I feel.... lazy right now
I can.... "do it all" :)
I can't.... wait for summer!
I am happy.... that so many people are enjoying my blog :)
I lose..... my phone all the time
I sing.... in the  car... loud!
I listen... to anyone who wants to talk
I shop..... around for the best deal
I eat.... healthy most the tme but not today :)
I love..... my hubby and son!


  1. I love your blog title! Found you on the FMM! Hope you can follow back

  2. happy late FMM, don't feel bad about not getting the HGTV house, someone won one a few years ago around here and it was such a mess...couldn't afford the taxes, couldn't sell many problems
    kinda makes me wish I never win something that big :)
    anyways great list!

  3. Dang I though you me or mom was gonna win the dream house-boohoo.

  4. Kim, good to know. That's sad! That's probably why they started giving the 500k with it, huh? Although if you weren't wise with the money you could easily just end up in the same boat still.

  5. So glad you're joining in! Nice to meet you!

    I've eaten a lot today too. It feels like it anyway. :)

    And oh how I wish I could hear HGTV in my background! I don't have cable. :(

  6. Hi Jill --
    I loved learning more about you! It seemed like 16 was just a few years ago to me too!


  7. Happy FMM, even though it's Wednesday!

    I have a gym in my dining room. It's supposed to be the dining room and it's not even mine, it's my father-in-law's. And I still can't drag my butt out of bed early enough to get down there. Maybe tomorrow? I need a vacation, too!

    It's nice to meet you!


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