Thursday, March 11, 2010

some thoughts on discipline

So I majored in Early Childhood Education and one of the classes I had to take was on parenting. Like any class could really prepare you for that right? Anyways, I remember our teacher talking about how many problems parents run into could be avoided. Now don't get me wrong, as a mom I know there are also plenty of problems that we can't avoid and more traditional forms of discipline are necessary. However, I was pondering this the other day when my niece kept taking the pool balls out of the pockets and hiding them around the house. By brother punished her repeatedly (not saying he shouldn't have) but my point is it didn't do any good, she just did it again the next day. I got to thinking, what if he just put the pool balls somewhere out of her reach when they weren't in use. A small inconvenience, maybe, but worth it I think. Most of us don't like punishing our children. We realize they need it at times, but how much easier when problems can just be avoided. Sometimes you just gotta choose your battles.

One more plug, give reasons! I've found my nieces (my son is too young to try this out on yet) are so much more accepting of their punishments (at least sometimes) when I explain it to them rather than saying, "because I said so."

Please, share your opinions on the matter! I'm sure we can all use some good advice when it comes to this area!


  1. I really struggle with discipline. A while ago my daughters school offered a "Parenting With Love And Logic" class. Offering choices has made such a difference in our home! Things are still not perfect, but there is a lot less yelling in our home, and fewer punishments. So glad I took the class!

  2. I have read that book! LOVE IT! Let me know if you would want to guest blog about it or anything, it's probably more fresh in your mind than mine. :)


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