Sunday, March 28, 2010

What do YOU want a tutorial for?

I want to know what YOU want to learn how to make!  Give me your ideas and I will find a way to make it!  So let me have it, what would you like a tutorial for?

Also, check out this fun blog, Flab to Fab.  It's like The Biggest Loser for bloggers.  How fun!  And root for my cousin Kari because she was chosen to be a contestant!

And one more feature from last weeks link-up party:
Is it a cupcake stand?
Or a centerpiece?
It's both!  And what's better?  It cost her only $4!!!  And looks like it took about one minute to make.  Check it out at Ready-Set-Create!  Click here for the tutorial.

And sorry for the lack of post yesterday.  Busy weekend!  Hope you all had as fun a weekend as I did :) and hope you did some cool projects to share on "idea sharin' Wednesday!"


  1. Just looking through my to-do list of stuff for my house...I want to make a sofa and futon cover... not sure you have the time or want to handle the yardage on that one lol! Always love things I can create for the boy (girls stuff is much easier to find on the web at the drop of a hat!) Any craft-organizing ideas, as my craft area looks like it was in the middle of a tornado! Just rambling now, bedtime!

  2. Thanks for the ideas Mom.nonstop. I actually do want to make a sofa cover for my dad so maybe I will just do that :) and will definetly be doing some boy crafts soon! And I love the craft organizing thought too. We are actually moving in a few weeks so I will have to do something cool then and share.

  3. I Love this idea - such a simple way to make the little glass stands! And I know you can buy the candlesticks and the plates at the dollar store! Simple and cheap! Great idea!

  4. Great and simple ideas for centerpieces! I have always been one to use things that I have around the house rather then actually buying a centerpiece for the table.

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