Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Adorable and Functional Chore Chart

I am so excited to be guest blogging here at Women Who Do It All!  This is my first Guest Blog, so go easy on me!  I have only been blogging for a few months and Jill's blog is one of the first I decided to follow.  She is so talented and fun.  One of my favorite tutorials is her Patchwork Purse.  Have you guys seen it?  I'm totally making one!!!
My name is Kerstin and I blog at Mommy Time Crafts.  I decided to start blogging a few months ago when I realized everyone was blogging EXCEPT me!  I hate being left out, I had to see what all the fuss was about.  So I started my family blog and soon realized I needed another blog for my creations~
I have 3 daughters and 1 little boy.  We spend alot of time making Girly Things
I also love to make things for other people, especially "baby things".  Isn't everything just cute in minature?
But today I have a fun tutorial for you.
If you are anything like me, you get tired of being the "Bad Guy" with your kids.  I don't want to tell them no, I don't want to be the fun spoiler, I want to be the cool mom.  My kids know what their chores are, but they still ask to play outside or play the Wii and I have to ask "are your chores done?"  sighh...roll eyes...stomp...stomp...turn and huff away
So, I've decided to give them a chore chart that they can keep track of their "status".  That way they don't have to ask me if they can play, they already know.
I bought this small corkboard at the dollar store
I lightly sanded the wood and painted it white.  I like the antique look, so I didn't paint it that good!
Don't worry about the cork board getting paint on it, you are going to cover it with fabric like this
Hot glue it around the edges. 
I made fabric rosettes for the corner.  I didn't get a picture of making them, because it takes two hands and even though I'm a mom, I'm not that talented. Basically you take a 1" strip of fabric, I just rip it, I like the frayed edges. Start rolling it in a circle and twist the fabric as you go. 
(I think I'm going to make a video, its hard to explain, easy to do).  Glue it to a piece of felt for stability.
I have some chip board letters I bought at a scrap show a few years ago. 
They were clearance because they were cut backwards.
This is good for me though, because I flip them over and press them on my ink pad
I love the burlap flowers that are going around.
The fabric is 4" burlap is 5"  Fold in half, fold in half again.  Then fold into a triangle.  Cut the tip round
I put a small bead in the center and wrapped it with a rubber band to create the center.
Then I wrapped the center with twine
So as for the chores.  I typed them up and laminated them.  I put velcro on each of them. 
In our house there are chores you do every day and chores you switch off with your sisters.  I glued an envelope on the back for extra chores.
There is a column for "do" and "done".  You move your push pin to the correct column
as it is done.  You no longer have to ask mom if you can do something
you can tell by how your chart looks
My kids already love it, that will probably last a week or so.  But hopefully
this is something that can work long term!
I want to thank Jill again for letting me guest post.  I've had such a great time.  I hope
you'll come on over to Mommy Time Crafts and check out some of my
other fun creations.  I'm currently working through my stash, trying to
reduce the number of projects on the "need to finish" list. 
Have a great rest of the week!

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