Saturday, April 10, 2010

Some Party Ideas from Idea Sharin' Wednesday

The Ultimate Baby Shower at On My Side of the Room
A fun train cake at Pure Joy
A Perfect Pricess Party at Harrigan Howdy

I love seeing party ideas because I am the worst party decorator ever, lol.  Makes me want to throw a party right now just to redeem myself :)  Anyways, me and the hubby are going to visit some friends today so I probably wont post again until late this evening so happy Saturday!!!


  1. Thanks for the link!!! Love that little princess party too! too cute!

  2. pin the crown on the princess! i love that idea!

  3. Visting you from PURE JOY! I love to decorate for parties---- just hate the AFTERMATH--- cleaning up is not-so-fun! :)


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