Sunday, May 2, 2010

Do you have some laminate furniture that could use a face lift?

I try not to post too much of the same stuff as Michelle from Someday Crafts because I know a lot of you are followers of both of us, but she really does find the best stuff, doesn't she?  Well I'm going to share this for those of you who missed it.  Paint your laminate furniture! 

I was actually just thinking about this topic yesterday before I stumbled upon the post about it.  Isn't it funny when that happens?  My son's nursery is totally mismatched because we bought the cheapest of everything we could find.  Sad I know.  My hubby and I were wondering whether or not you could really paint laminate furniture and as it turns out, you can! 

This is originally from Centsational Girl, which is a blog I hadn't found before, and it looks like a good one, so that's always exciting!  Here is a before and after picture from Centsational Girl's project.  I will deinetly be utilizing this tutorial!

Click here to see the tutorial

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  1. I was thinking of painting some furniture too. Buy whatever color I find for cheap on craigslist of everythign and then just paint it all black for the guest room. Thanks.


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