Friday, May 7, 2010

Review- CSN Stores and My New Craft Organizer

I was very excited when CSN Stores contacted me with an opportunity to do a review for them.  They were kind enough to let me choose which item I would like to review (within a limit of course) and I had so much fun looking through everything they had to offer!  I spent hours and probably could have spent days looking, they seriously sell just about everything

The representative that I worked with was very nice and it was just a great experience overall!  The website was user friendly and their prices were very reasonable!  After much debate (they have so much cute stuff!) I finally settled on this little beauty:
I was in desperate need of one of these because I had no where for my craft supplies to go.  Now everything has a home and it is so much easier to keep my craft room tidy!  It has two small drawers which are perfect for papers and what not.  Then it also has two larger drawers.  One of which I have dedicated to sewing supplies and the other one I have labeled "random."

It is so perfect, it fits all of my craft supplies just perfectly.  I put it right by my desk and now everything is ready and easy to find so when I'm in the middle of a project and trying to find a supply with one hand I can easily do so :) 

I can tell you one thing, I will definetly be shopping with CSN Stores again!  They sell anything you could possibly need!  Home decor, furniture, kitchen supplies, and so much more!  It's so fun to browse through their vast selectionClick here to go take a peek.


  1. nice review! I will definately check out their webiste!

  2. I bought a beautiful ceiling fan from their website, half the price I could find it anywhere else!I had a fabulous experience with them!

  3. i need that! my crafts have taken over my dining table.

  4. Love CSN! I wish I had days and days to look over their website! So much to see!

  5. Nice review. Great craft organizer. Love CSN, can't wait to shop there for fall.


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