Monday, May 3, 2010

Third and Final Mother's Day Post

Alright, for all of you who have yet to get your gifts ready for mom (which includes me), here are a few more fun ideas.  I was hoping to have my gifts ready to share with you, but alas, I've been so busy! I will tell you what I'm planning though.  For my mother-in-law I am going to use a floating frame and put a picture of each of her three grandchildren in there, then use vinly lettering to write something like "grandkids.  n.  The apples of Grandma's eye" or something like that.  In fact, if any of you have a good definition for me to use, please share!  For my  mom I am thinking I will crochet her something.  Anyways, here are some great ideas I've come across in blogland.

This cute keepsake is slightly similar to what I had in mind for my mother-in-law, same basic idea, just different implementation.  Anyways, I love it.  Go take a peek at Live.Laugh.Make Something.

I was really impressed with this project from Cute as a Fox because it started out as a dollar store sign that looked nothing like this!  Go check it out!

I was thinking it may be a little late in the game to start a quilt now, but Neica makes it look pretty easy with her Mother's Day rag quilt tutorial.  Head on over to diy Celebrations to check it out.


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