Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Idea Sharin' Wednesday #11

Happy Wednesday :)  As for a prize this week, I'm doing something pretty exciting.  There have been several giveaways lately where the winner has not claimed their prize!  So I am going to let the winner of this week's Idea Sharin' Wednesday choose one of these prizes that are yet to be claimed.  This is my way of announcing a new winner.  Below are the great prizes you could win.  However, if between now and then, the original winner claims their prize, that one will be eliminated from the choices.  So if you entered any of these giveaways, go back and see if it was you :)

Tracidove Giveaway
Jane Richmond Designs Giveaway
Zillows Giveaway
Piece O Lease Giveaway (Reminder- Leasa is offering free shipping on all orders to Women Who Do It All Readers- convo her to get this awesome discount.)

That's a lot of unclaimed prizes!  So check out those shops and join the party to enter. If this is your first time participating in Idea Sharin' Wednesday, click here to read the instructions.


  1. hey, this is a good idea! i was a winner of a prize that the customer decided never to send! so i wouldn't mind being in this bunch.....

  2. hi jill,
    when you click on the links it doesnt take you to the giveaway winner, i just scrolled back up to a month and still didnt find any of the giveaway winners announced. is there an easier way for us to check who won?
    (ps. thats awesome i was a winner, and didnt know it!) xxx who hoo!!

  3. Hi Jill,
    I never got an email about my win. I sent you an email back on 5/24 with my pick of pillow and my mailing address. I sent the email to the email under your contact information. Please email me at hotpepper71 at bellsouth dot net.
    Thanks, Audra

  4. Me again...just found out from a nice fellow reader that I wouldn't have gotten an email. I did notice when I won and sent you an email with my info; let me know if you need me to resend it. Thanks and sorry for the bother. :-) Audra

  5. Do you contact via email when someone wins?
    Can't imagine someone not claiming their giveaway! I just love winning sweet things!

  6. Hi, I sent another email with my info. Did it come through? Maybe you're on vacation. I'll check back here in a few days. -Audra
    hotpepper71 at bell south dot net

  7. I tweeted you too. I don't think anything is going through. Oh well...if you ever get my info please let me know. Thanks :-)


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