Monday, August 16, 2010

Orglamix Organic Mineral Makeup Review and Giveaway!

I was thrilled to get the opportunity to do a review for Orglamix.  I have been wanting to try mineral makeup for a long time, but I was always skeptical of how well it would cover.  Well let me start out by saying, it provides amazing coverage.  It covers minor imperfections and provides an even, non-greasy, skin tone.  I love that it's quick and easy to put on and feels nice and light.  When I use heavy foundation it really clogs my pores and makes me break out so I was happy to find a nice light product that I actually like. 

The cool thing about mineral makeup is that it's supposed to improve your skin quality over time.  I've only been using it for a few days so I can't say for that myself, but I can say that I believe it.  I know the unnatural things in the over the counter makeup I usually use do the opposite so using something natural should help in my opinion. 

Here is the foundation that I reviewed:

I also got to try out a blush and an eye shadow:

I loved them both, especially the eye shadow!  What I loved about it is that it actually shows up, which in my experience, few eye shadows do.  The blush is also great, and I tend to shy away from blush usually.  It looks natural and doesn't bring out my imperfections like some pink shades of blush do.  The bottom line is, I would recommend Orglamix to anyone!  Their prices are SO reasonable!  Way cheaper than even Cover Girl.  And the great thing is a little bit goes a long way!  So these babies are going to last. 

Head on over and check them out!

Here is me with my normal makeup regimen (not much, I know) and then you'll see me in my new Orglamix regimen (taken the very next day).  Looks a lot  better, huh?

After  you stop by and check out their shop you can also check out the Orglamix facebook page, twitter, and blog!

Now what about that giveaway?!  One lucky winner will receive their choice of three colors from the following formulas: Pure Organic Mineral Eye, Blush, Glow, Foundation or Color Corrector (just like I did)! 

Here's how to enter:

Visit this same post that I published over at Win, Lose, or Blog and see the many ways you can enter to win.


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