Sunday, March 27, 2011

Butterfly Garland

Can I blame my spaciness on pregnancy?  Apparently I published this half finished.  Well it now includes a picture and link to the tutorial :)

How cute is this butterfly garland?  I love that it's so dainty.  Sometimes I wish I could have multiple garlands on my mantel, but of course that won't work :)  Find the tutorial at Running with Glitter.

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post!  No baby yet, but it helps to read your comments and know many of you can relate!  And getting some reassuring words always make me smile!  Hope you are all having a beautiful Sunday!  It's pouring here, but I do live in Washington so that's the price we pay for all the pretty trees and moderate temperatures. 


  1. I'm dying to see a picture! I'm throwing a baby shower with a butterfly theme!

  2. Thank you very much for the feature!!!!
    I think you can blame almost everything on "the baby" for 5 years or so.."Then you can blame it on your "child"
    When my son was almost 2 I decided I had to lose the baby weight.. I could not keep saying I just had a baby as I shoved a cupcake down my throat :)
    oh I'm following you now!

  3. I love this butterly garland - it is super darling!

    I am having an "every crafty blog" linky party and would love for you to come and join!


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