Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cupcakes on Parade

Are cupcakes especially popular right now or am I just noticing them because my pregnant self is always craving them?  I'm honestly wondering right now. . .

But regardless, look at these delicious cupcakes!!!

Choffy Vanilla Cupcakes at Whipper Berry.

Chocolate cupcakes with irish cream frosting at Susannah's Kitchen.

Strawberry Golden Oreo Cupcakes at Me and My Pink Mixer.

I really think I may have to make one of these today!  Hope you are all having a fabulous Sunday!


  1. YES cupcakes are all the rage! My friend and I are actually thinking of starting a cupcake business...HAHA I think when I was pregnant I had to have ice cream EVERYDAY! Even if it was just a frosty through the Wendy's drive through!!

  2. These all look delicious! :) I hear now that a lot of brides opt for cupcakes versus an actual cake.

  3. Oh thank you for the feature! We are so flattered. We can now say we are Women who do it all! :)

  4. I've never seen cupcakes so popular! From TV to people opening up stores they're growing like crazy! We have a cupcake store named Sweet Lola's that just opened up, and it's insanely busy!

  5. YES!!! Totally infatuated with cupcakes over here! I just recently posted a tutorial for DIY cupcake stand if you wanted to come take a look!

  6. Thank you so much for featuring my cupcakes!

  7. I ordered a die cut to make cupcake sleeves. Cant wait to use them. Will be super cute to match the paper sleeve to the cupcake flavor. yum

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  9. Thank you so much for the linky love! Will share in Facebook.

    Blessings, e-Mom @ Susannah's {Kitchen}



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