Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scrapbook Bulletin Boards

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I've had these two cute bulletin boards for awhile now and I thought they looked really nice in our desk nook, but I couldn't figure out what to do with them.  I didn't want to just put pictures on there, I wanted something a little fancier.

Sorry for not clearing off the desk before taking the picture :)  The hubby was in the middle of studying.  Anyways, first I tried printing off some scenic pictures that size.  I was thinking of mod podging them on there as if they were frames.  That idea didn't turn out so well.

Then I tried making wreaths to go on them.  I made a rag wreath first and I liked it but not on the board, it looked terrible on the board!  The other wreath looks better and I may have kept them if I had made them both that way.

Flop #2

Then when I was at Micheals I saw a little kit for making shadow box displays (with cute pins and what not) so I got that and a little booklet of borders in the scrapbooking section and set to work.  Since I wanted them to look nicer than just a bulletin board I made sure to choose pictures that were either professional or just had really good lighting and colors.  Here's how they turned out.

I may get rid of the "memories" on the first board and just add another picture, what do you think?  I do love how they turned out though.  I love looking at them :)


  1. They are really neat that way and so easy to change out the pictures too. I might have to "steal" the idea at a later time.

  2. I say keep "Memories." It adds visual interest and allows the photos around it to really have a presence. Very cute idea!


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