Sunday, June 12, 2011

Looking for Blog Contributors!

Alright folks, Women Who Do It All is looking for contributors!  As a woman who tries too hard to do it all, I am looking for ways to have some more free time in my life.  I love this blog and don't want to let it go, so I am looking for other women who do it all (I know there's a ton of you out there!) who want to be weekly blog contributors.

Here's what's in it for you:

1) Your blog button AND shop button (if you have a shop/business of your own) will maintain a spot in my sponsor and/or a new contributors box for as long as you are a contributor.

2) You are free to plug your own blog, shop, giveaways, etc. in your weekly posts.

3) Make some new friends :)

4) And lastly (this is a big one) you will have the opportunity to use Women Who Do It All to complete up to one review a month.  This blog gets quite a bit of traffic, so if you are looking to contact some companies for review proposals you may use Women Who Do It All as your medium (so some potentially awesome freebies).  There are specifics on this that we will have to go over once the contributors are chosen, but it can be a nice perk!


Now I know those are some awesome perks, but please do not apply if you don't have the extra time to commit to posting on your specified day once a week.  I need people who I can count on to have their post up and scheduled in advance so my mind is at ease.

I will likely choose four people.  Each will specialize in one to three specific categories that they can blog about in their weekly posts.  If you are interested just fill out the form below.  This change will take place in July, but don't worry you'll still hear plenty from me :) 


  1. I'd love to help but once a month is all I can commit to right now.

  2. I sent in my app. This would be so much fun!


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