Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Easy Knotted Ruffle Headband

We were so excited when Jill chose us to be contributors for Women Who Do It All!

We are the Six Sisters at Six Sisters Stuff . . . that's right, six girls and no boys! Growing up, we had our share of petty fights over clothes, make-up, and even boys . . . but thankfully we have grown up and are now best friends. We LOVE to be together but life, jobs, school, marriage, and babies have taken us pretty far apart from each other so we use our blog to share ideas and stay in touch. Our blog is full of family recipes, fun crafts, DIY projects, and ideas for raising kids. Feel free to stop by our blog and join the sisterhood! There is always room for one more!

As busy Moms, we don't always have a lot of time to complete all of our other responsibilities AND look good (...or even get around to showering before 3 p.m.)! My husband and I are currently living in Southern California for the summer and are without air conditioning. Yikes! The last thing I want to do is blow dry my hair or get all dolled up. My poor hair is in a pony tail almost everyday, but I came up with this EASY headband to add a little flair to my hair!

Supplies: Headband, matching sheer fabric (just a small scrap will do!), and scissors.

Cut 20, 1"x4" fabric strips.

Tie each strip in a knot onto the headband.

Continue to tie the strips to the headband to create the "ruffle." I tied my knots down the side so the "ruffle" was on the side, rather than straight across the middle of the headband.

My "ruffle" was about 4 inches long across one side of the headband. (Don't worry, it won't look so crazy when you're done!)

Trim down the "ruffle" so it is all even.

There ya have it! How easy was that?!

That is one easy summer do!


  1. This is such a cute headband I love it!

  2. That is super daughter would love one for her hair. haha! who am I kidding? I want one!!!!

  3. Too cute, I'm so going to make one of these!

  4. LOVE it! I have made many headbands... but not this one! It's next on my to do list! Thanks for the cute idea ladies!

  5. This is TOO cute! I love it. I'm so excited to have you talanted ladies here at WWDOIA. What a cute picture, I can see the family resemblance for sure!


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