Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School {Snack Sacks}

We are in full Back to School mode around here.
Our daughter is heading off to 1st grade!

And now that she is all grown up...
and will be eating lunch at school
all. by. herself.
We had to address the issue of: 
what is she going to eat 
and what will we put it all in?

Now, I know the Snack Sack is not a new idea...
But I put together a little tutorial to show you just how easy
they are to make yourself.
An let's face it, 
your kid is going to look pretty cool 
pulling one of these out of their lunch bag 
when their neighbor has, dare I say it, a ziplock baggie!
Seriously though,
what a genius idea!
Who doesn't need these?

Supply List:

Fat Quarter of fabric
Some type of washable vinyl

How to make the tabs:
First cut two pieces of fabric 3" long
I experimented with the width and made one 1", 1.5" & 2" wide
( I think I prefer the 1.5" myself)
Fold in half and iron.
Open up and fold to the center and iron again.
Fold over again and iron.
Cut your vinyl 6.5" square
Cut your fabric 6.5" square
Face the right sides of the fabric together.
Stitch around three sides leaving the top open.
Inside out the vinyl.
Slide the vinyl inside the fabric cover.
Like so.
Insert your tabs upside down and in between the two layers.
Be sure to pin the tabs into place.
Stitch 1/4" from the top all the way around the top of the sack.
Be sure to leave a few inches open.
About this much.
So you can inside out the whole sack.
This is the tricky, hard-to-explain, part.
It works best if you reach in through the hole 
and pull the out side fabric through.
It will look like this.
Stuff the vinyl back inside the sack.
Ta da!
It's like magic.
Stitch all the way around the top of the bag to close up the hole.
This also gives the sack a finished look.
In side out the whole bag.
So that the vinyl is on the outside.
Cut a section of velcro appox 6" wide.
Stitch in a rectangle (through both fabrics).
In other words across the top down the side and back.
Sew the other section of velcro.
Tip: I lined up my velcro with my top stitch.
That way, my Velcro matched up with each other, when I closed the sack.
Here it is inside out and finished.
Last step:
Turn it right side out.
It really is that easy!
You can wipe out the inside of your sack or you can throw it in the wash.
Either way, you have a reusable sack, 
that actually works better than the ziplock you have in your drawer.
Not to mention:
your kid will be the coolest kid in the cafeteria.
Or you will be the coolest mom at your next play date.
No more spilled fish crackers in the bottom of your purse.

Happy Sewing!

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