Friday, October 7, 2011

Fabric Growth Chart Tutorial

Fabric Growth Chart
Letter/Number Stamp Set
Versa Craft Ink Pad
Wood Buttons
Bamboo Reed or Wooden Dowel
Jute Twine
Heat n Bond
* I used the kind that comes in sheet form for the numbers and tree.
There is another kind, that is used for seams. 
It's about 1" wide and it's on a roll.
I used it for the ribbon.

Step One:
Tear your Muslin to Apx 14" wide x 50" High
Fold over the top of your fabric piece and sew a pocket for the Bamboo hanger.
Hot glue a button to one end of the Bamboo.
Wait to hot glue the other button.
You wont put your Growth Chart on the hanger until the very end.
Step Two:
Lay your yarn out on the fabric to decide on the design you want.
Pin it in place.
Choose the zig zag stitch on your sewing machine 
and set the stitch width and length the the largest setting.
(Note: I used a fluffy yarn and didn't want the yarn to look to flat. 
If you use a regular type of yarn you might not need to set the stitch extra wide.)
Step Three:
Stamp the words "Watch Me Grow"
Iron to set the ink.
 Step Four:
Sew on the Buttons
 Step Five:
*Use the Heat n Bond that is 1" wide 
and comes on a roll for this portion of the project. 
It does not have a backing. 
So place the heat n bond on the muslin first 
and lay the ribbon over top and iron to affix*

Cut your ribbon the length of the fabric.
Cut four more 4" pieces of ribbon.
Mark every 12".
Iron the short pieces of ribbon, first.
Then iron on the long piece of ribbon.
Step Six:
 Iron a small pice of Burlap to the heat and bond.
Leave the backing paper on and trace the Tree and numbers.
Cut them out.
Pull off the backing paper.
Iron in place.
Step Seven:
Use the "I" from your stamp set.
Stamp the "I" side ways every inch.
Step Eight:
Slide the Growth Chart on to the Bamboo hanger.
Hot glue the other button on the end.
Tie with Jute twine.
And your done!
Have a great weekend!

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