Friday, November 4, 2011

The Corduroy Infinity Scarf

The Infinity Scarf is so popular this Fall.
You see them all over in the stores, blogs and pinterest!

What I haven't seen is one made out of corduroy.
I love the look, the texture and weight of it.
Corduroy is definitely a fall fabric.

So here it is...

{The Corduroy Infinity Scarf }

I was inspired by this tutorial over at The Cottage Home.
Corduroy is a bulky fabric so I made some modifications.
I cut the fabric 5 1/2 in wide and 72 in long.

I'm really loving how this scarf turned out!

Its extra long so it works tripled like I've done here.

Or you can just double it like this.

It's finally getting cold around here 
and my new scarf it keeping me nice and toasty!

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. It's just gorgeous! I bought one yesterday, can't wait to wear it too!

  2. Love this scarf! Great idea to use corduroy.

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