Monday, December 19, 2011

My Favorite Actions

Okay I want to start this post by saying that I paid for all of these actions so I have no reason to give a biased review.  I have purchased A LOT of action packs.  Some were better investements than others.  So here you have it my favorite and most used actions. . .

Number 1:
Sparkle Eyes from Paint the Moon's Miracle Makeover.  I LOVE this action.  I use it on pretty much every picture I edit.  It is seriously awesome.  It made this action set more than worth the investment.  I also occasionally use the make my skin perfect, healthy smile, and kissy lips actions.

Number 2:
Classic Color from the Florabella Classic Workflow Collection.  I'll be honest, this set was pretty spendy and I rarely use any actions in the set other than this one. . . BUT I have used it in almost every picture I've edited since purchasing the set so I deem the set worth purchasing!  It really is a one click edit kind of action, pretty awesome!

Number 3:
Boost from Pioneer Woman.  I use this action pretty often and what's really great about it, is it's free! 

Number 4:
There are two actions that I use pretty frequently from Paint the Moon's Picture Perfect Portrait Mega Set.  The first is baby powder for toning down hot spots, such a necessity!  The second is the creamy and smooth skin, great for babies!  Of all the sets I have purchased this is probably the one with the most actions that I actually use.  In addition to many "essentials" it's got several fun actions that add great effects. 

Number 5:
My favorite black and white action is B/W Mink from Florabella Luxe Collection.  My second favorite black and white would probably be Machiatto from Paint the Moon's Coffee Shop Set.  It doesn't look good on all images, but when it does it's gorgeous!


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  2. Oh Jill - see, I didn't know you could buy "action packs"... or maybe I didn't know what they were if I saw one.

  3. Heather, I know, pretty cool, huh? I can do great editing without actions, but actions are so fun and easy. Of course you can make your own actions too, but anyways, it does open up a whole new world for those of you who have photoshop or photoshop elements but don't know how to use it to it's full potential.

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