Friday, March 19, 2010

Better than a thank you card for 1/4 of the price!

This may not be the most exciting project, but it sure makes a nice thank you gesture!  And at around $1 a pop it's way cheaper than a thank you card!

So here is a tutorial for these cute and simple treat baskets:


I used mod podge but most types of glue will work
A three pack of small treat trays ($2 at Michals)
a sponge applicator
some tissue paper
three pieces of scrapbook paper (thinner is easier to work with)
paper cutter (optional)
treats :)

1. Place a treat tray in the middle of one of the scrapbook pages.  Fold the page up on each side and make a mark where the paper needs cut to size.  (as seen below).  Use scissors of paper cutter to cut the paper to size.
2. Glue the bottom of the treat tray to the scrapbook paper and let dry.  Fold up one sid and glue it into place.  Fold up the opposite side and do the same thing.  The last two sides are a little trickier.  Fold them up (leaving the extra flaps hanging out) as seen below.  Crease the paper in the corners as seen below. 
3. Trim off the extra triangles of paper as seen below.  If there is a little gap that is okay, but try not to leave much excess.  Then glue the sides up.
4. Use the triangles to cover the raw edges.  The crease should already fit the edge so just glue it right on.  You may need to trim off some extra on the bottom.
5. Put some tissue paper in the treat trays and fill with treats :) If your treats are gooey (like brownies) be sure to put some plastic wrap on top of the tissue paper.  I also a tiny little card out of the scraps for each tray and wrote a quick thank you inside. 

And that's it!  I'm sure you can think of more than a few people who could use a good thank you, so give this fun and simple project a try :)

And don't forget: tonight shortly after midnight we will announce the winner of the Cricut so check back then!!!  Have a lovely Friday evening :)


  1. What a cute idea! OMGosh I would be soooo jazzed if I won the Cricut.Jami

  2. cute idea, and though I did nothing to warrant it-I have to ask-are these for me? teehee
    cute hair too :)

  3. That is cute. They would make cute neighbor gifts for Christmas.

  4. thanks for sharing! very cute!


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