Saturday, March 13, 2010

Decorating Love

My husband and I are hard core bargain hunters.  We furnished and decorated our whole home for less than $1,400 (granted we only have a 2 bedrooms :))  Anyways here are some of my favorite "scores."

We got our couch and chair at Rent A Center.  Many people don't know that you can buy furniture there, but you can and you can get some really nice stuff for super cheap.  Our set had been rented for only a couple weeks for staging so it looked BRAND NEW! 

We got our coffe table and side tables at a local store, so sorry this tip will only help readers from Utah County.  All The Great Rooms.  Great store!  We saw the same exact set at the RC Willey Clearance Outlet for $50 more!

Decorations: Those mirrors were $30 each at Walmart but they look like $100+ mirrors, do they not?  And the painting Costco, don't remember the exact price, but great deal and gorgeous :)  Digital picture frame Sears on black Friday.  Fake flowers: Walmart.  Candle holder: Ross.  Lamp set (one floor, one table): K Mart only $30!  Pillows: Kohls. 

My husband shopped around for the absolute best deal on our TV and ended up at  And the TV stand: Target, another great find!

Table: Walmart.  Painting which you can barely see, but looks great I promes: Ross (the place to go for paintings!  Well, and Kirkland if you have one of those nearby).  Center piece and placemats: Kohls at an amazing bargain on black Friday although Kohls always tends to have great sales. 

I don't feel like we got any particularly amazing deals on anything in this photo.  My husband actually already had the desk so. . .  I just like our little desk area :)

I love this arrangement.  I got these frames at Michael and while they weren't a particularly good deal, if I would have bought them one at a time using the 40% off coupons they would have been!

Just got this and LOVE IT!  Make yourself a Wall O Photos.  I got this from two for $25 but I'm sure you could probably figure out how to make one yourself. 

So all of this was before I really became "crafty."  I could probably decorate nicely for even less now :)  Anyways a couple of reminders for my two "other" giveaways.  I  know my Cricut giveaway is the best, I mean as many of you said "who wouldn't want one of those?" BUT my other prizes are pretty good too if I do say so myself and there is a lot less competition. 

"CUTEST BABY" contest who can actually be a child of any age ends Saturday and I only have a few contestants so far.  Win a $50 JC Penny Portrait Studio gift certificate.  They always have coupons for free sittings and $4 sheets so you could get A LOT of picturs with that!  And just a  note for those of you have already entered, you've got some DARLING KIDS!

And as for my latest competition for the darling Lia Sophia toe ring. . . NO ONE HAS EVEN ENTERED YET!  So all you have to do is enter and as of right now you'll have a 100% chance of winning! 

And thanks to all of you who have joined and left me sweet comments I love hearing from you all!


  1. We got our t.v. stand at Target, too. It's a different style than yours (very similar, tho), but same color and the same great deal!

    You guys are smart shoppers; good for you!


  2. I love the way you have decorated! So simple and very welcoming. I am in desperate need of a home makeover!

  3. I'm telling you Tricia, hit up some of the places I mentioned and you could do it for hardly anything! And if you do, please share pics :)


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