Monday, March 15, 2010

An inspiring introduction and a fun giveaway

Lindsey from Fitness For the Rest of Us is trying to get some more followers and I hope you will all go check her out.  I love reading her blog it seriously inspires me and sometimes is the thing that gets my butt to the gym.  She reviews workout DVDs, gives GREAT recipes, fun tips, great bargains/couponing, and  humor!  Today she published an "introduction" of sorts and I wanted to post it here.  She is also having a fun  giveaway right now for some ADORABLE cards that I know I would like to win, and not very many people have entered yet so odds are good.  She is also going to be having some giveaways for free workout DVDs soon so why not follow?  Check her out and tell her I sent you :)

Introduction: I have some new blog followers-YAY!!!! Thank you Jo for the shoutout on her blog! She rocks-check out her blog for some great fitness reading) SO Im going to quickly introduce myself :)

This blog is mostly about fitness & healthy living because I lived unfit and unhealthy for a long long time! I have maintained a 90 lb weight loss for about 8 years or so. I was overweight from the get-go. Yes I was bigger than the other kids in kindergarten even. I actually weigh less today than I did at my 6th grade weigh-in (and Im 2 whole inches taller-thank you very much...).

I was a slow loser and it did take me TIME to lose the weight, but thats fine-slow & steady won the race for me. If I had the knowledge I have now-I think I would have lost a lot faster. I wasted a lot of time doing only cardio-totally ignored strength training-DUMB. When I found the Firm, I finally started using weights & really reshaped my formerlly (still kinda) flabby body. I also did the "non-fat' thing for over a decade-while it did help me lose a lot of weight-I wouldnt do it that way again. I have JUST started adding good fats into my diet and am trying to get back to "real" food. Its all been a learning experience and it will continue to be.

Thats me in a nutshell. I also dabble in crafts & cake decorating so I post pics of those from time to time. Another thing Ive started doing is couponing and bargain hunting (Ive always been cheap but now I have a more PC name for it). So I will post some of the awesome bargains I find here as well. And I want to feature some of my lovely readers and do some giveaways soon.


  1. Wow... that is fantastic! Great job!! You are very inspiring! :)

  2. I tried to find Lindsey but got a man's blog, can you post a link or her blog address so I can visit? Maybe I missed something?? Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the heads up Kim, I meant to turn "Fitness for the Rest of Us" into a link but must have forgoten. I fixed the problem, but here is the link also

  4. ahhh thanks Jilly! And thank you for the comments to everyone :)I always welcome new followers so please check me out!


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