Monday, March 15, 2010

some random thoughts that have been bouncing around

#1- anyone in Utah County want to join a craft group?
I am hoping to find some friends to actually do my crafts with.  Having my 3 month old little guy I don't get out much and would love to start some kind of craft group where we take turns coming up with the ideas and get together once a week to craft :)  Let me know if you would be interested. 

#2- I miss the spell checking feature!  If I spell things wrong it's not because I don't know how to spell but because I am probably trying to type while holding a squirmy little baby :)

#3- Lets all be sad together that we didn't win the HGTV dream home.

Gorgeous!  Sigh :(


  1. You sound like my husband...he was wanting that dream home so badly lol

  2. where in utah do you live? I've been trying to find someone to craft with as well. I live in Stansbury

  3. you should look into doing Stampin Up! I go to that Stamp Club once a month and she has a group of ladies on Fri evening and Sunday afternoon and she sets up 4 projects and we do them. We pay $5 or order $20 worth of product and its free. Its fun & makes me want to order the dif things she uses for the products....

  4. I am near BYU and would love to join a craft group!!
    kristidorman at gmail dot com

  5. Kerstin, looks like we are more than an hour from each other :( but Kristi, you are nice and close to me. Let's see if we can't get one or two more people to join and then get together. I'm excited to share ideas!


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