Friday, April 9, 2010

Creative Classroom Winner AND Ultimate Blog Party 2010!

The winner of the Creative Classroom giveaway is. . .
Number 6, Amy
who said "I would like to try your crock pot pork fajitas soon. I love anything I can make in the crock pot."
Congrats Amy, email me to claim your prize!
And now. . .
Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Head on over and check it out!  (By clicking the logo)

Here are my top prize choices:
1) US 56- a custom designed wall canvas for baby nursery.  Donated by October Belle Designs
2) US 11- $100 gift certificate to  Donated by Earnest Parenting
3) US 95- $100 gift certificate to  Donated by Thrifty Jinx
4) US 104- $50 Visa Vanilla Gift Card.
5) US 112- $50 Amazon Gift Card
6) USC 3- $50 Target Gift Card
7) USC 8- $50 E-Gift Card to Amazon
8) USC 14- Personalized lulaby cd
9) USC 15- $50 Target Gift Card
10) USC 39- $50 paypal transfer

Happy weekend everyone :)

New giveaway posted right after this! (as fast as my little guy will allow me :) )

There is also a pretty cool giveaway going on over at Tatertots and Jello right now.  Anything you would like from the Down East Spring Line!  Head on over there and enter!


  1. Hi there.
    I'm stopping by the via the Blog Party to say hello.
    This is so much fun!

    Have a great Saturday!

  2. オッス!

    Nice to meet you! :D Just stopping by from the party to say howdy. Love your blog.

    Have a great weekend and happy UBP! :D And hope to see you stop by sometime!!


  3. I'm visiting from the Ultimate Blog Party! Whoo Hooo! I love helping busy mom's tap into their creativity!

    OOOhhh a creative blog, yeah!

  4. Love the blog, popping in from the UBP 2010!

  5. A blog for women who do it all? Well then, I'm in the right place. I'm hopping in from the UBP and I'm glad to have found you.

    D. Rene.

  6. Great ideas here.... I will be back :)


  7. I am here from the blog party. It was nice to meet you. I enjoyed your blog. Happy blogging!

  8. Can't wait to look through your blog. Just hopped over from the Blog Party!

  9. HEllo from UBP!
    Great blog, looking forward to reading more!

    Have a great week.

  10. Hello,
    Nice meeting you. Enjoy the party!

  11. Happy UBP10 Party!!! The linkys up there are insane, I cannot possibly visit everyone. So glad, I found yours. I am now a follower, you can also follow my blog at

    Have a great week!!! Lets finish this party!

  12. Hi there! Nice to meet you. I'm new to the party myself. I love your blog! Can't wait to come back and read some more.

    I hope you can stop by our blog: is a mom owned newly launched site.

    Have a beautiful day

  13. Stopping by from the UBP. I am having so much fun meeting all these new blogs. Check me out at

  14. Hello from the ubp. See you at the party :)

  15. Made my way over from UBP...just stopping in to say Hi! I like your site name :)

  16. Have a good time partying with UBP10. Stop by if you get a chance And see what we have to help you Stop Drop and Relax. Visit our store at and Prepare To Be Pampered.

  17. This UBP10 is such a great party! I love your blog! And with a name like Women Who Do it All, you must have lots of Mom followers.

  18. Hi, I'm so glad I randomly clicked on your site from UBP! I'm from Utah County and would love to enter the contest! Could you please follow back so I can keep better track of you? I keep better track of my own followers than the ones I simply follow for whatever reason! I'm at AGalNeeds...

  19. Hey Winner!
    You need these numbers to complete the prize form on the prize page -

    739 Jill

  20. UBP party! Thanks for a Great Blog!

    Visit my blog at:
    On This Journey of Learning (#955)
    A Research blog about fertility, pregnancy, birth, newborns, natural health and more.

  21. Stopping in to se what's going on in this party. Looks like fun! stop by mine @


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