Sunday, April 18, 2010

Having a baby or going to a baby shower?

When do we not have a baby shower in the future, right?

Ashley over at Make it and Love it has so many great ideas.  I love looking through all her posts by category and tonight I got looking over the baby section.  Who knew you could make almost everything you need for baby!  Here are some great ideas and they all have tutorialsClick here to see all of Ashley's baby posts.

Another adorable owl stuffed animal.  Owls really are so in right now, aren't they?  It is made out of a scarf!  How fun!  This would go perfect with my son's nursery.  Speaking of, a little good news, I won a prize from the Ultimate Blog Party!  And not just any prize, my first choice prize, a custom hand painted canvas to match my son's bedding, yay :)  Anyways, on with the post.

Scrap Piece Bib.  My son has just begun the stage of constant drooling so I need to make myself a few of these.  That way if I have to keep him in a bib all the time at least he'll look stylish :)

Diaper and wipe cases.  These are so popular right now and I love it cause I a never want to pack around my whole diaper bag!  Learn how to make some for yourself with just some scraps of fabric and a little ribbon here and there.

Make some of these super easy clips and turn any blanket into a nursing cover.  This looks like it will work better than my actual nursing cover because you can make the blanket pooch out so you can still see baby.  She also shows you how to make similar looking binky clips, which I desperately need to make because we are constantly washing binkies as the little bubs loves to spit them on the ground :)

Cute hat, also made from a scarf!  And you can also see how to make them for adults.  They are super easy!

Nursing cover.  This is the nice kind that has the wire to keep the top open so you can see baby.  Very cute too!  A bit more work than just making those clips for a blanket, but it looks like it provides really good coverage!

Want to make a cute tutu for your little one (baby or older)?  What a fun outfit to wear for picture day!  Ashley shows you how to make a no-sew tutu.  Cute! 


  1. I just (yesterday) made a tutu for my friend! How funny. I'm going to post up pics tomorrow. thanks for the great ideas.

    ~Amber @ The Mom Road

  2. congrats jill: doesnt it feel great to win!


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