Friday, April 23, 2010

I Dream Of...............Craft Storage Tins!

Do you ever wonder how Jill from Women Who Do It All, actually does it all? I think she has magical powers shes not telling us about...(this is funny because thats Jill as Jeannie about 10 years ago)...

I'm Lindsey from Fitness For The Rest of Us and Im guest blogging for Jill today. My blog isnt a craft blog-its a fitness blog (if you couldnt tell by its name). I do fitness dvd giveaways weekly and try to provide motivation & information about exercise.

Today's project is pretty simple, but fun and they turned out pretty cute.

Craft Storage Tins:

If youre like me, you have brads, buttons, stickers, ribbon, embelishments and MORE lying around. And when I need them, I can never find what Im looking for. I used these cute coffee tins:

You'll only need a few basic supplies (glue dots, paper cutter, scissors, scotch tape, tape runner, a pen, scrapbook paper, and I used a corner punch for the lablel but its optional):

Take your scrapbook paper and cut a strip the same height as the coffee tin. You will need the entire 12" length to wrap around. Wrap the strip of paper around the coffee tin and tape it in the back. From your scrapbook paper cut out a few of the designs (sock monkeys in my case). Cut out a label in a coordinating color, and a smaller label to write on. Corner punch the labels if desired.

On the smaller label write "brads","buttons," or whatever you plan to store in your tin. Glue the smaller label to the larger label and then dress it up with a design cut out from your scrapbook paper (sock money head here). With glue dots I added buttons to my "button" tin, and to my "brads" tin I added brad embelishments. Glue the labels to the tins:

I also added a brad to the lid of the "brad" tin and a button to the lid of the "button" tin:

Fill your tins with brads, buttons, or whatever else you need to clear your craft clutter! Or you could put these tins in the bathroom for Q-tips, cotton balls, etc.

I only used one 12 X 12 sheet of scrapbook paper for both of these and still had scraps leftover. Both tins took less than 30 minutes total to make! Quick and easy.


  1. This a a great ides! Thanks for sharing, maybe i will give it a try.

  2. Oh goodness lol! Anyways love the bins they turned out super cute!

  3. hehe! Now, will I ever get asked back to guestblog again?

  4. Love this idea! Everyone always has little containers from sour cream, coffee, whipped cream, etc.! This is a very easy and convenient way to store your supplies! It is so simple it makes me wonder why I never thought of it! ha ha!

  5. Great storage tins! I'm visiting from Lindsey's fitness blog but I love crafts too - especially stamping and card making.

  6. Karen, I LOVE cards & stamping too! I just got into stamping and its SO much fun! Too bad we didnt live closer to each other! We could w/o then take a break and make some cards LOL


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