Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A very special review

So this review is extra special because. . . it's a review of my blog designer, Julie, from Zip.Zog.Zoom Designs! When you spend as much time as I do in blogland, it's important to have a perfect space to call your own!
I thought about trying to create my dream blog myself. I figured I could probably do it piece by piece, searching for tutorials for every tweak I needed. Let me tell you, if I can ever avoid paying something, I'm usually one to go that route. But then I looked at Julie's prices and I thought about how long it would take me to attempt creating my own custom blog design and I had to think about how much my time is really worth.

In the end, I decided it's well worth the price! Not only would I have spent countless hours trying to figure out how to create the blog design I wanted, but I definitely wouldn't have been able to get it looking the way it does. Knowing my luck I probably would have ended up with my blog in shambles!

I am beyond happy with Julie's work! My blog is exactly how I wanted it and let me tell you I was very particular about what I wanted. It looks so perfect, it brings a smile to my face every single time I see it! What was even better was not having to stress and worry during the process. I just told Julie what I wanted and left it in her ever so capable hands. She put up with my endless list of wants and needs, tweaking things whenever I wanted. She was sweet and willing to work with me to create my vision.

I think it's kind of funny because on Julie's site she calls herself a "non-designer" but all you have to do is look at my beautiful blog to know that's far from the truth! Julie has the technical skills to create any look you want, and the eye to make it aesthetically pleasing! I am amazed at her ability to take the ideas floating around my head and turn them into a reality. She was fast, efficient, and great to work with. And most importantly my finished product is just how I wanted it.

Not only did Julie take the time to revise as many times as needed until my blog was just how I wanted it, she actually went well above her job description to ensure I was happy with my blog. I wanted to put my sponsors into a 2 column wide grid, but kept having trouble making that work. Julie actually went in and spent several hours of her own time to make it work!!! I couldn't believe it. That's service you couldn't even dream of!

If I ever feel like changing my blog (doubtful) I will most definitely be contacting Zip.Zog.Zoom Designs again. In my opinion there is no one better out there. The prices are affordable and the service and quality can't be beat.

Don't need a whole new blog design, but looking for some help with a custom header or any other blog element (and I mean any)? Julie has prices for that too! Seriously, go take a peek, I promise her prices won’t scare you off like those of some other blog designers.

Simply put, her work just couldn't be any better. And the nice thing: you can see that for yourself!

Later tonight I will be posting my favorites from last week's Idea Sharin' Wednesday (along with the prize winner) and party for this week, so get your projects ready!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this link, i have been wanting a new design..


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