Saturday, May 29, 2010

For any of you who are bored this weekend. . .

I have a little request for my sweet sister.  I will paste the details here below, but first a couple reminders:

- Enter your wedding dress into Fashion Friday by scrolling down two posts
- Enter your easy recipes into the linky below this post
- Last day to enter the Baby & Me Boutique giveaway by clicking the picture in my sidebar
- And last but not least, I would love for you to take my little poll at the top of my sidebar

Okay here is the little favor I'm asking, only if you've got a minute.  I'll let Lindsey (from Fitness for the Rest of Us) take it from here:

I have a special request.....I entered a contest hosted by a plus size swimsuit company (size 8 and up, yep it stings...) But hey, My plus sized self will glady accept their $1,000.00!

And I do think its a wonderful contest-celebrating bodies of ALL sizes! Because beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!

So if you have a moment to register and vote. Please do! Here is the link:

Below my photo you will see"login or register to comment" click on register to get started :) then once you are registered (screen name, password, and email only) click on vote on the upper right, scroll down to my pic and feel free to give me 5 stars (hehe) by clicking on the 5th star (below my pic).

And FYI the company-Swimsuits For All, actually has some SUPER cute suits.


  1. I voted, 5 stars all the way! That is awesome for your sister!!!!

  2. I voted 5 stars! And entered my dress ... and took the poll!

  3. thanks for the post!!!! Looks like it worked :) thanks for voting Kayla & MPMama!!!


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