Friday, May 21, 2010

Two Great Tutorials For You

I'm really wanting to say good morning, but I guess at 11:18 it isn't technically morning anymore :)  Fashion Friday has been postponed until this evening because I have something way more exciting for you!  Two great tutorials.

The first is my own which was posted over at Its So Very Cheri this morning.  So click here to go there and find out how to make one of these sweet headbands for yourself or a cute little girl in your life.

And the second tutorial I have for you is from the talanted Cheri and it is for a truly stunning mirror/coat rack wall decor piece for your entryway.  So keep on reading and see what Cheri has to say! 

Hello Ladies. My name is Cheri and you can find me, most days at Its So Very Cheri.

I am SO HONORED to be here today with you ladies.

Jill has an awesome blog and I sure have enjoyed getting to know new friends.

I currently have a linky party on Mondays --Its So Very Creative (creative projects), and Wednesdays-SPOTLIGHT YOURSELF (you can show off anything you want--as long as it fits the flavor of my blog--(no porn etc) They are open till Friday night at 11:59 pm. Thursdays is typically "I Followed the Tute and learned how to..." day. I have people sign up to do tutorials on a fun project, and show it off on my blog. Fridays are open to special events or things I want to post.Saturdays we have Its So Very WOWZERS Day and I showcase a room decor or project that makes me say WOW. Then Sundays is my Sunday Devotional-right now we are going through the Proverbs 31 gal--she is my favorite and an amazing gal. She makes Martha look like a wimp.

I also do a monthly guest writing spot at Our Mommyhood. I began writing for them in April and I am sharing our infertility story. Leaving each post as a cliff hanger, making you wonder what happened next. Even though you about to learn some info that will tell you how it ended it was a long journey and we actually went through it more than once. If you know of anyone going through it, send them over, and if you are interested I would love to have you come over too. I get several e-mails from gals who can't wait for the next post. You never know when you may have someone come into your life and you can share some information with them. As the story progresses I will give tips on things that worked for us.

I am also part of the DIY Club inc. If you haven't heard about it, be sure and stop by my blog. We just finished our first event and we are announcing the 1st winner THIS MORNING and the details of the next event. The DIY CLUN INC is a vendor sponsored event. There are 5 eclectic bloggers that make up the team and we teach you about products on the market and how to use them. We do tutorials on our projects. I promise you won't want to miss out and if you don't get the details and start working on your project, it will be too late.

Each event has give-a-ways from each of our sponsors as well as
extra give-a-ways.

We would love to have you grab the button and place it on your blog to help spread the word.

It will continue to get more and more exciting as more and more people and vendors jump on board and there are lots of cool and fun things to win too.
I am a Mom to 4 great kiddos and home school the two oldest kids. Next year we will begin homeschooling G3. I think it might be an interesting year, since G4 won't have her partner in crime to keep her occupied.

All 4 of our kiddos names begin with the letter "G: and so we call them THE "G" FORCE and on the blog I call them G1, G2, G3 and Miss G4. When we would go to big family reunions or birthday parties, we would write G1, G2... on their cups--it was always easy to figure out, if it was their cup or not, so I went with that on the blog. We have 3 great boys, each with their very own personality and then the pink loving princess entered our world and turned everything upside down as she sprinkles her girly love on her brothers and her love of all things pink. The boys say her room looks like someone puked Pepto Bismal in her room, I say it is the cutest puked in room--EVAH-then. I made all of her bedding, curtains etc and re-purposed her dresser so it was perfectly shabby and adorably chic. I bought a basic mirror and Prince Charming made the frame to go around it and then we added the onlays. I love it. I also made her chandelier and you can read about that here.

I am showing off one of the tutorials I did for my May
DIY Club inc
I just LOVE it and I hope you do too.

I had picked up some mirrors
at a discount store-I purchased 4 but only used 3 for this project.
Once I measured the length of the mirrors I measured the wood for my frame.
My wood is bead board. My cuts are 4 1/2" wide.
The wood is cut.
I didn't do angled cuts because I wanted this to look old.

I glued my frame together with my Gorilla WOOD Glue and then used the Gorilla TAPE

to secure it while it dried.

Then I added my window box and let the Gorilla WOOD Glue dry and secured it, this time I taped it to the crate I was working on. I nailed everything together.
My 5 year old was my helper.
G3 wants to give you some encouragement:

G3 building a window box from Cheri Peoples on Vimeo.

I added a piece of wood to the back, laid my mirrors on top, got them postitioned the way I wanted,
Glued them down with the Gorilla Wood Glue

I used the DecoArt Sealer Primer.
Now for the REALLY FUN PART-I got to spread on the
DecoArt Texture Crackle. I started with the Graphite.
and let it dry.
Then I went over it with the DecoArt Texture Crackle-LIGHT MOCHA

I put some on pretty thick and other areas a moderate amount.
That was not an accident--I did that intentionally.
This is a great product. As it dried over night the CRACKLE began to do its magic.
I then scraped over it --you wouldn't have to do this step but I wanted to knock off some places
and I wanted to scrape some off.
G3-my little helper all day.

I added some cool HOOKS

I just LOVE it.
Do you see all that crackle effect?

I sealed it-let that dry then added the DISChangers to the back.

The DISChangers are so easy to use, just get them wet-let them sit for 5-10 minutes while the glue activates and add to your product. I let them sit over night then you can hang them up.
They are superior to the old fashioned plate hangers-these look like your plates are hanging on the wall in mid air.
I did not use any product on the back because I wanted the DISChangers to adhere.
I used them on another wood project and they worked out great.
My Typewriter Key Board

So back to my tutorial
I personally think this TEXTURE CRACKLE could be one of their best sellers.
I love how it crackles but also makes the wood look old and weathered.
It is far superior to other crackle products I have used.

This was my first time using the Wood glue and tape from
Gorilla Glue and it is great.
That tape is super strong.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.
Come on by
I would love to have you follow along with my blog.

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