Saturday, June 5, 2010

Easy Recipe Share Saturday #4

Okay this week I'm having two options.  You can link up an easy recipe or an Asian recipe.  I figured it would be fun to have a theme every once in awhile and as I confessed last week I LOVE all Asian food!  So link up!  And here is my recipe although I don't have a picture, sorry!  But it is Asian AND easy!

Mandarin Orange Chicken (very yummy, very healthy, NOTHING like Panda Express Orange chicken, just FYI)

Serves 2 (multiply for more):

- 1 large chicken breast
- 3 cups cooked rice
- 1 can mandarin oranges (juice and all)
- 1 ginger root (you want this cut into large pieces because you will take it all out before you actually serve the food.  It just gives it the flavor, so try exposing as much of the inside without having small pieces that will be hard to remove.  I usually cut mine into kind of strips.)
- 1 broccoli head
- thyme

Begin cooking rice.
Cut chicken breast into bite sized pieces and begin cooking in a skillet with a little oil.
Once chicken is almost done add the mandarin oranges, broccoli and ginger root.
Continue cooking until broccoli is tender.
Remove ginger root, add a tbls thyme (or to taste)
Serve over rice

It's that simple :)


  1. Happy Saturday! Thanks for hosting the par-tay!!!

  2. Mmmm that sounds yummy! Will add it to next weeks meal plan :)

  3. oh, that chicken recipe sounds delicious! I love orange chicken!


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