Friday, June 25, 2010

eShakti Review

Alright, a few of you may remember a couple months ago I mentioned eShakti and that I was going to be doing a review of one of their dresses.  This one to be precise:

Well due to a little slowness on their part and mine, I am finally posting the review.

I think their shop is great.  They have the largest selection I've ever seen, seriously!  And ALL of their stuff is cute!  You could without a doubt get an entire wardrobe and more just from their shop!  They have casual, professional, summer, winter, and everything in between.  They have lots of modest choices and everything they have is customizable so even if it's not, you can say change the sleeve length or neck line so that it is!

The whole premise behind their shop is genius: they design tons of cute stuff and let us (the customers) customize it to fit our needs.  You can order things in standard sizes or enter in your measurements to have a garment made especially for you.  I chose to do the second option because I thought it was cool, but looking back I would probably just go with a pre-made size.  I've never had a problem finding a size that fits me so I wouldn't say this dress fit me any better than a normally sized dress would have.  Plus I imagine that contributed to why it took a little longer than expected to get my order.  I do however think it's a great option for people who can't seem to find clothes that fit them just right.

Overall I am very happy with  my experience with eShakti.  The dress was just as cute as pictured.  I will definetly be shopping with them again.  Once you take a peek at the cute clothes they have to offer I think you'll see why!  Here are some of my other favorites:

Seriously though, I can't even put a dent in everything they have to offer.  They have pants, (getting your pants tailor made to your measurements sounds like a good idea to me- who doesn't hate shopping for the perfect fit when it come to pants?!) accessories, and more!  So go check it out, you'll be glad you discovered this cool shop.

I hope none of you are too dissapointed in the lack of picture of me in my dress.  Honestly that's why the process took longer than it should have on my part.  I kept meaning to do that and finally I decided I better just write the post without it so it got done :)  Oh and I'm thinking this should definatly count as a Fashion Friday!  Believe me you can get tons of fashion ideas over there!

Happy shopping :)

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