Friday, August 13, 2010

Photography Friday #1

I hope you will all join the party and have fun sharing your pictures.  I'll feature my favorites each week.  I love photography and I hope we can all get some inspiration from each other and have fun! 

Here's this weeks tip:  Look at lighting!  You see a nice bench that would make a perfect place to take a picture of the kiddos.  You plop them down and take it, but later see something like this:

Looks bad!  One little guy is in the sun while everyone else is in the shade.  A reflector, fill flash, and some post-processing could all soften the effect but there really isn't a full recovery. 

You can save yourself a lot of time and get much better pictures if you take the time to look around and find a good spot, taking lighting into consideration.  Shade can provide nice soft lighting where you don't have to worry about shadows, harsh sunglight, squinting eyes, or overexposed spots. 

However, if it's too dark you may have to break out the flash and flash doesn't provide as natural a look as non-flash photos do.  Keep it in mind next time you break out the camera.

And now for the party!  In the future I may have a theme, but for today I just want to see your favorite picture, the one you are most proud of taking.


  1. wow, most proud of taking? i like that theme! i linked up the one i am most proud of, b/c it all came down to timing. i only have a regular ol' digital camera, no crazy zoomy lighting special thing of any kind. i can't wait to see what your next theme will be!

  2. Jill, thanks for you comment on my pool house floor! I didn't use anything on top. I honestly didn't know what to use and I wanted it to get worn and aged. So far it hasn't done anything! Stays perfect! Good luck!

  3. Thanks for letting us share!

  4. This is an AWESOME idea!! I'm so glad your doing this! I added a photo box tutorial I found on etsy. I've included the original tutorial from etsy called "lightbox...smightbox" funny title huh?? I just wanna say to you and ANYONE else that checks it out. Those pics....are from MY CELL PHONE! My camera had a coffee bath courtesy of my sweet lil girl!! Thanks for sharing Jill!!

  5. Oh.Em.Gee. I can't stop laughing! I named my pic Tex-Mex Tacos!!! LMAO!!!!!! That OBVIOUSLY is the name to the recipe I am linking to other sites! The picture above is a pic of my husband and I. I thought I called it in the heat of the moment. I am most proud of this because I am taking this pic..."in the heat of the moment" and I manged to angle it perfectly!!!! It's very artistic to me! Tex Mex Tacos....OMG!!!!


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