Thursday, December 9, 2010

Be a contestant! Win prizes and lose weight. Win, Lose, or Blog Season 3 starting soon!

Hello all, this is an exciting announcement.  After a season long break we are starting up fresh with season 3 of Win, Lose, or Blog early January.  Why am I telling you this now?  Because we are accepting applications right now!  Think ahead ladies- we're coming up on New Year Resolution time!  Head on over there to apply.
Remember Win, Lose, or Blog is not just for the contestants, anyone trying to live a healthier life will find this blog enjoyable!  This season the team members are made up of mostly exercise gurus who have a lot of wisdom to share.  I, myself, will be contributing one delicious, diet-friendly recipe a week.  There are lots of prizes for all, with weekly giveaways!  Don't miss out, go check it out and follow so you don't miss the fun come January.
And don't forget to enter the Eco Friendly Soap Giveaway!  There are not very many entries so far (much to my surprise) so your odds are good.  Go check it out, this is an awesome prize!!!!  Only a few more days to enter. 

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  1. I look forward to it, do you know if they allow people not from the US?


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