Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Idea Sharin' Wednesday and Lots of Free Stuff

Don't forget to link up to Idea Sharin' Wednesday!  I'm going to be stopping by all the projects and I so need some inspiration about now.  I'll be featuring some projects throughout the week and there are prizes :) Click here or scroll down to go there.  I hope you'll join the party :)

Secondly, I got an email from Vistaprint today (perhaps many of you got the same one).  They are having their semi-annual sale and there is TONS of free stuff to order.  The nice thing about Vistaprint is shipping is usually only a few dollars, so that's it, all you will pay.  Some of these things would make some great Valentine's Day gifts!

Just go to Vistaprint and browse through their categories to find what you want.


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