Monday, February 14, 2011

Look at angles

Angles are so important in photography!  Instead of taking out your camer and just snapping a quick shot, stop and think for a minute about how you can add variety to the picture.  Try taking the same shot from a few different angles, it doesn't take too long. 

Using angles creatively makes for more interesting pictures. 

Take these two portraits for example.  If I had taken the shot straight on (whether directly above or directly in front) the image would not have turned out so nice.  Believe me, I had tried it in the past.  In this case taking the picture straight on actually made the pose look awkward.  But I played around with the angle, just moving around and snapping pictures and eventually I found the angle that works.

Esentially, finding a good angle can make or break a photo! 

Since my emphasis in this series is portraits, which means your subject is people, here's another couple tips for you.  People look best when the picture is taken from their level or from above.  They DO NOT look their best in pictures where you are below their level.  No one wants to see up their nostrils.  Believe me, not flattering!

And if you have a dslr, here's something most people don't know: people look best when you stick to about 85mm.  It's the most flattering lens angle that keeps things in their proper proportions.

Well that's it, let me know if you have any questions!


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