Friday, February 18, 2011

Gathering Ideas for My Spring Mantel

I've started compiling some ideas for my spring mantel.  I knew I wanted to make a banner similar to this one from Just Pleased as Punch:

I wasn't sure if I wanted to use fabric or paper, but looking at the tutorial there, I decided a paper one would be much easier {and therefore maybe actually happen, lol}.

I think I want it to say Spring, with a flower on each side.  I really like these flowers from Yellow Blackbird!

Of course I'll use some nice Spring pastels instead of the Valentine's Day red.

For on top of the mantel I know I will create and frame some print outs in photoshop {which I'll of course share}. 

I may also make some spring block letters.  I'm thinking maybe "bloom"???

And I will DEFINITELY be including some cala lillies or tulips.  Love them!


  1. Wow! Thanks for featuring my flowers!!

  2. The tulips are totally beautiful. Such colourful flowers.

    Have a great weekend, CJ xx

  3. Hi! Following from a fri hop. Those flowers look amazing! I'm trying to figure out my spring updates too.


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