Thursday, February 24, 2011

Idea Sharin' Wednesday Features

Looking at your projects yesterday seriously made my day.  It was one of those days.  You know the kind?  Where you envy your hubby for getting to leave the house for several hours a day, lol.  Anyways, there were some fabulous things linked up.  Here's a couple:

Infinity Dress at A Law Student's Journey.  Haven't heard of infinity dresses?  I hadn't either, here's the basic idea:
You make the dress with really long straps so you can alter it to be several different dresses.  What a fabulous idea!

Another tempting treat over at Inside BruCrew Life.  Reese's Bananna Brownie Cups, sounds amazing!

Becca from Home is Where my Story Begins made this fun writing supply center for her kiddos.  I studied Early Childhood Ed. so this brings a smile to my face!  I know my literacy professor would have great things to say about it :)

Check out this amazing door re-do at Keen Inspirations.  {It's not actually wood!}

Thanks to everyone who linked up their projects!!!


  1. Thanks for the feature! Hopefully I will have a new picture of the dress after I dye it!

  2. Thanks so much for all your nice comments! You are so good at that. In response to your swiffer question, I use my swiffer covers usually damp, and then I spray a floor cleaner on the floor as I go. I have used it to sweep also, but I prefer a plain old broom usually. That may be because my floor gets too dirty too fast. But I imagine if your better than me at keeping it up you could use it for both easy!
    Love your blog!


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