Thursday, March 17, 2011

Don't you just love Pottery Barn knock offs?!

I think I speak for all of us when I say Pottery Barn knock offs are the best!  Why?  Because it means you successfully saved a lot of moola!  Sarah over at Teuful Hunden Farms did a pretty dang good job replicating a cute PB canvas. 



So cute, huh?  I'm no artist but I think if I tried to replicate something exactly I might be able to pull it off.  You of course sketch it out with a pencil first.  It will be so cute to see all four together, but even the one by itself looks good.  Perfect for Spring!

Thanks to everyone who linked up yesterday!  I'm excited because we're getting closer to 100 entries each week.  Looking forward to the day we pass my record from my pre-blog-hiatus days (which was close to 200).  I'll be stopping by to check them all out soon.  I've got a little cold so it's slowing me down a bit.  Hope you're all having a fabulous Thursday!


  1. I love it!! Hope you feel better :)

  2. Yes, it looks realy awsom! Nice colours.
    Hugs from Europe.

  3. I love pottery barn, just not their prices. Feel better soon!


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