Monday, April 18, 2011

Moby Wrap Review

Another fabulous product!  The second I heard about Moby Wrap I knew I had to have one!  With my first son I tried multiple carriers and never did find one I liked.  When I knew I was going to have another (and my first would still be so young) I went on a mission to find a carrier that would work.  I did a lot of research on line and Moby Wrap seemed to be a favorite.  It has all the things my previous carriers lacked.

Comfort!  For me and my baby. 

Here's the first carrier I tried with my oldest son.  It's a sling.  You can see how his little head is smooshed against his chest.  It says to make sure their chin is NOT against their chest because it blocks airflow, but I couldn't get him in there in a way that didn't.  I only wore it one time and I found it was also not comfortable for me.  Even at nine pounds that was too much weight on one little strap on my shoulder.  It dug into me and hurt my back.  Waste of money #1.

Here's the second carrier I tried.  I don't have a picture of me using it, but here is my husband using it with our oldest son.  It is one of those front/back carriers.  This one seemed to be comfy enough for my little guy but there were two things wrong with it.  1) You can't use it until they can fully support their head.  and 2) Once again it was not comfortable for me.  The two little straps dug into my shoulders and I couldn't wear it for more than ten minutes before my neck and back were killing me. 

None of these problems are an issue with my Moby Wrap.  I was able to use it right away and it is SO comfy for me and baby!  The soft stretchy fabric spreads the weight over your shoulders and back so it is not pulling on any one area.  You can tie it nice and snug so you feel almost no weight.  I could wear this thing all day! 

And Noah LOVED it!  He went right to sleep and didn't make a peep the whole time.  He was so cozy in there.  You can use the Moby Wrap when the baby is older too because there are multiple ways to wear it.  In my opinion it is the perfect product.  I can't think of anything it lacks.  It has certainly been a life saver for me as I'm able to get things done around the house when Noah wants to be held. 

Here's me and my little Noah loving our Moby.

It comes in many nice colors and prints.  Very fashionable.

Another mommy essential!  And the nice thing is Moby Wrap is a lot cheaper than many products out there.  It is by far superior.  Try it first, that's all I can say!

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  1. I love love love my Moby wrap. It is very comfortable, and it's so easy to throw in the diaper bag. I am probably going to be using mine this morning when I take the kids to the butterfly exhibit!

  2. I even used on my 6 year old 30lb daughter last year. Didn't even feel it when I carried her on my back. Gets a little tricky to get them on and wrapping it correctly, but with practice that should be a breeze too.

  3. I love my moby wrap knock off too! I made it using some knit fabric and added some embroidery to make it extra pretty. I would warn some parents when their baby is able to push themselves backwards they could fall out since the material gives so much. I now use a mei tai (also homemade using the "scandi mei tai" tutorial found free online). It is much more secure feeling and my 9 month old falls asleep in it everyday!

  4. I have heard SO MANY good things about the Moby wrap. I wished I would have bought one with my last baby, I guess the wrapping part scared me off. Maybe we will have another someday, and then I can try it! Thanks for the reviews!! :)


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