Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What I Wish I Had Known About Computer Viruses: You should all read this!

Last night I was browsing some blogs and went to download a freebie photoshop template from a perfectly trustworthy blog.  Turns out the site she used to provide the free download (also a trustworthy site that I have downloaded things through before) was infected with a virus.  Note that I didn't even end up clicking the download button, it happened simply from visiting the infected website.

Many of you probably know that often viruses are designed to look like your computer's virus protection program.  It will pop up and tell you that you have a virus and that immediate action is necessary.  It can look pretty legit.  What I didn't know is that the only way to avoid downloading the virus onto your computer once this happens is to immediately go to your start menu and shut down.  Even clicking on the x in the corner of the pop up window will still download the virus.  And once that happens there's no going back. 

We had to take our computer to Best Buy this morning and $350 and 3-5 days later we'll have our computer back.  ($200 to get rid of the infection, $150 to backup all our files).  I really wish I had known to shut the computer down instead of clicking on the x in the corner of the pop up.  I just wanted to pass along this info in case any of you experience this.  Remember they can look very legitimate, so if anything pops up telling you you have a virus just shut your computer down immediately, don't click on anything.  The Geek Squad guy at Best Buy said these things are running rampant right now and you can pick them up anywhere so be careful!

Anyways, I'll still be blogging because we have another computer, in fact tomorrow I'll be announcing our new contributors, so check back! 


  1. Jill, I'm so sorry that you had to go through that and am very grateful for you sharing this very important information!


  2. These are running very rampant right now and it can be fixed more quickly and less expensively. I am not pointing that out to make you feel bad - more to educate because you will get it again. First, when you get your computer back download a malware program. I use Avanquest. The registration is good for one year but I have used it several times so far - well worth every penny (though I did not like spending the money at first). Then when (not if unfortunately) it happens again - shut down immediately as you say in your post; reboot and immediately reset the system back to a previous date; once it goes through all that - then run the malware program after reboot (vital piece or the malware is still mucking around your system). It takes a couple hours but you can do it yourself. (I had to post as anonymous or it wouldn't let me post) Athena Nagel - thestuffofsuccess.com

  3. Just and addendum to my comment - when you reboot so you can reset the system to a previous date - move as quickly as you can (make note of the steps before it happens - and keep the information readily accessible so you can do it very quickly). If you don't complete the steps before the malware pops back up again it won't work and the more often you have to reboot the faster the malware gets - then it gets costly again.

  4. Thanks for sharing this story. Luckily, all has been okay with me. I use Norton's and they always catch things before I see them.

  5. That is horrible. How scary. My hubby is a computer guy and we have all pictures, bog stuff, and important info on an exernal hard drive. He always reccommends this to people. Then you will always have your stuff backed up and not have to pay to have someone do it. I would definitely suggest getting one if you don't have one.

    Anyways hope your computer gets back soon.
    and I am excited for you to introduce you new contributors. I am excited to be apart of your cute boggy here:>

  6. Thanks for the info. Will let my family all know.

  7. man for that price you should have flown here- Jay could fix it for you...LAME!


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