Friday, July 29, 2011

A Simple Market Bag

Did you miss me on Wednesday?

Awe thanks ;)

so I was happy to move to Fridays!

I am super busy these days, 
Sewing, Crafting, Painting, oh my!
I'm preparing for a big show next month, 

Today I am going to share how to make a simple {Market Bag}
I've made a few of these for the show and I just LOVE them!
You do not have to be a professional sewer (I am not).
If you can stitch a straight stitch, you can make this bag! Promise :)
 The really great thing about this bag is you can make it any size you want.
You just need TWO fabric pieces cut the same size for the outside.
and TWO muslin pieces also cut the same size for the inside liner.

For these two bags, 
I used a vintage floral sheet for the outside.

I used new fabric for these.

Ok, let's get to the How to part.
Here are my four fabric pieces cut.

If you choose to embellish the bag, 
you do that before you sew the panels together.

For the flower I used some lace I tore off a vintage pillow case.

To ruffle or gather the fabric.
Set you sewing machine on the highest tension and the stitch to the longest.
It will gather it as you sew.
Then, pull on the bottom string to gather it tighter.
Tie the end strings together so it doesn't unravel.
 Pin it on your fabric and stitch it to the panel.
 Sew on a button for the flower center.
Moving on to the straps.
Again, this is completely flexible. You can make your straps any length you like.
For this bag, I made mine 20" long x 4" wide {x2}
Loop 18" long x 4" wide {just the 1}
 Fold in half and iron.
 Open up the fabric and use the center seam you just created as your middle.
then fold both sides in so they meet and iron.
Then fold one more time, down the center and iron. {not shown in this photo} 
Now you should have a strip 1" wide.
This will become your strap.
 Fold in one end of each of your two 20" straps.
Like the photo below shows and iron.
 This will be the finished end you will tie to the loop.
 Ta da!
 So, to re-cap.
Two 20" straps.
One 18" strap {this will become the loop you will tie the straps to}
Stitch all the way around the straps.
For the outside and the liner.
First of all: 
Place right sides of fabric together 
and stitch on three sides leaving the top open.
Repeat this process for the liner.
 Next: Fold the bottom of the bag so that the corner is pointed and stitch 1 1/2 in in.
This will create the flat bottom of the bag.
{you can skip this step if you want to}
 Final Step:
Turn your liner, right side out.
Leave the outside fabric, wrong side out.

Stuff the liner inside your outside fabric.

Tuck your two matching straps in between the liner and the outside.

Also tuck your loop strap inside.

Pin your bag so everything stays in place as you sew.

Stitch all the way around the bag {leaving a 3-4 in opening}

Then pull the inside out and stuff the liner back inside the bag.

The outside should be on the outside now 
and the liner tucked inside the bag and the straps should be sicking out. 
Iron the bag, so the top seam is really flat.
Stitch all the way around the top of  the bag this time.
This closes the hole and finishes off the top of the bag.
 Tie or knot the straps around the loop.

And Done!
I made a few variations of this bag this week.
I added: Ruffles. Pockets. Lace.
 Have fun with it!
The teal bag with the ruffles...
my favorite!
The bag with the yellow flower...
my sister in laws favorite!
Which bag is your favorite?

See you next time!
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