Friday, September 9, 2011

Not Your Ordinary Burlap Banner

I LOVE burlap! 
But, burlap is a little tricky to work with. 
I wanted to use it for lettering on a banner.
What I didn't want was for it to unravel 
and I didn't want to see the banner fabric through the holes in the burlap.
Here is what came up with.
It's probably a little over kill but I have a tendency to go a little over the top.
Supplies you will need:
Heat n Bond

Cut your burlap and muslin the same size as your Heat n Bond.

First Iron the Muslin to the Heat n Bond.
Remove the paper backing.
Now, iron the Burlap to the muslin.
Tip: Iron on the muslin side. Burlap is too thick to get hot enough to adhere properly.
Here is a close up on the finished product.
Ok next step, 
Print out some letters on your computer to use as your template.

Lay the letters on the muslin side (backwards).
Trace and cut.
For the banner:
I used a decorator fabric, I loved it because it was heavy and such a great fall color.

I surged the edges of the fabric to prevent it from fraying.
(I don't have a serger but, my sewing machine has a serge stitch.
It has quickly become one of my favorite stitches.)
Again, you don't have to serge the edges.
I just thought it would last longer and stay nicer if I did.

Adding the letters to the banner:
Now if you used a permanent Heat n Bond
you don't have to stitch the letters to the banner.

You could just use a fabric glue to adhere them.
or you could also hand stitch around the letters.
I used the Appliqué stitch on my sewing machine.
There is no right or wrong. Just do what works for you.
Once I had all the letters sewn on I attached the banner pieces to the twill tape.
I used some vintage buttons and sewed two buttons to each piece.
It added a little extra decoration and holds it in place.
I used the same color of thread as the banner fabric.
Here is a close up on each of the letters.

There you have it!
I really like the way the burlap-muslin fabric turned out.
I was a little work to make it, but it is a sturdier product to work with.
Fall is in the air!



  1. Love this. The buttons are a great touch!
    Jaimee @

  2. Looks awesome! I love the buttons!

  3. This is so cute, I tried to make a banner the other day and it DID NOT turn out even half as good as this. I need your tutorial the other day :)

  4. Thanks Ladies! So glad you liked it :)

  5. This blog always create some informational and amazing things, which add in my knowledge and experience.But I am a bit confuse.A Thanks for sharing.Waiting for next post.


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