Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Announcement

Well first off, happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! 

Okay so changes are coming, one really really big change.  I have felt honored to have such talented ladies contributing here at Women Who Do It All but I have been finding more and more that crafts are not my passion or my talent, photography is. 

So the point?  Women Who Do It All is going to be undergoing a complete makeover, I mean new name, new topic, even a new url.  I understand if some of you won't be interested anymore because I realize this is a complete, turn everything upside down, kind of change.  BUT if you are interested in photography at all, many of my tips and tutorials will be of use to hobbyist photographers as well.  You will even learn some things for taking better photos for your blog!  So I hope you'll stick by me with this humongous change.

This should be a change for the better because a blog is only as good as the author is passionate about it.  The transition will take a week or two, but get ready for some awesome things to come!


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