Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Low Down on Metering

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As a self taught photographer, I found there were some essential things I didn't learn until months into my business.  Some of these were just things I stumbled upon on blogs.  I am embarrassed to say it, but metering was one of those things for me, which is crazy because metering is so important!

When you shoot in manual mode, your meter tells you if your image will be properly exposed with your current settings. Keep in mind your camera can be fooled by trickly lighting situations and it isn't always right, so you should always take a test shot and see if you need to make any adjustements.  Your camera will assess the light based on one of three different metering choices:

Overall Metering
Simply put, if you have set your camera to overall metering it will take in the whole scene in your viewfinder to decide if your image will be correctly exposed.  In general, portrait photographers do not use overall metering too often because we are more concerned with our subject being perfectly exposed, even if it means sacrifising the background to a little under or over exposure.

Center-Weighted Metering

Spot Metering


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