Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Love it!

Here is the fun craft I promised :)   Many of you have probably already seen this idea around other blogs but I HAD to post it because I think it's a pretty amazing idea!  Interchangeable flip flops!  Seriously, some people are just brilliant and that is exactly why I created this blog, so we can all share our wonderful ideas.  Anyways I found this idea on Make It and Love It and I will definetly be making some of these for myself!  The cool thing is you can take the idea and just run with it.  There are so many possibilities here to create a look that works for you.  When I get around to making my own I will definetly post them for more ideas :)  So here is a link to the tutorial (and more pictures) and here is a link to some additional information about them.

They look pretty simple to make, and for the cost of a cheap pair of flip flops and a few supplies you can have an unlimited number of boutique looking sandals! 
I <3 Spring!

And a little heads up, later tonight I will be introducing you all to a seriously amazing company!!!


  1. I love this! I actually bought the switch flops last year...but this is much cheaper! :)


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