Sunday, March 14, 2010

make yourself a joylist!

What is a joylist?  Let me tell you!  I spent a few months working in an orphanage in Romania and me and my fellow interns found it hard to keep our usual optimism up when we were seeing sad sighs everyday so we came up with joylists.  Make a list of everything that makes you smile and there's no way you can keep from feeling good :)  Here is my latest joylist, hoping you'll make your own and spread the love :)

My son!  And all the cute stuff he does
My hubby :)
chinese food
changing the month on the calandar
decorating of course
taking pictures!
displaying pictures
the feeling after I get after making something creative
the feeling I get after dragging my butt to the gym :)
blogging of course
cute baby clothes
a good bargain
Lost- my guilty pleasure
getting sweet comments from all of you :)
Hershey Cream Pies
delicious smelling bath stuff
board games
old school nintendo games
my nieces
and the rest of my fam and friends of course
a new haircut
a clean house
my bed
the Christmas season
The 4th of July
vacations (don't we all love these?!  And need more of them)


  1. I love this idea! I'm working on mine now. I'm going to have my girls do it too.


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