Sunday, March 14, 2010

something sweet for your hubby

I've had this picture frame lying around that didn't match with any of my decor so I've been wanting to transform it.  I've also been wanting to make something sweet and romantic for my hubby, just because, so I decided to put the two together.  It's pretty simple bu the thought it was the best thing ever and immediately went to display it on his night stand.  Here is a before and after shot.


If you can't tell in the picture I used a fine point felt tip pen (like the kind used for scrapbooking) and wrote as many resons why I love him as I could fit on all of the letters.  He had fun reading through them!  Here's what I did:

1. Spray painted the frame black
2. While that dried I picked out a nice piece of scrapbook paper that wasn't too girly :) and cut it to size using the back of the frame as my guide.
3. Cut out my letters using my Cricut :)
4. Glued the letters on using Gorilla Glue.  It worked nicely because I could slide the letters around until I got them just where I wanted them, but then once I pushed them down firmly and let it sit they were good and stuck :)
5. Wrote my reasons on the letters using a fine tip felt pen
6. Put the frame back together with my new creation inside.
7. Presented it to my husband :)


  1. I love this, what a great gift! I have to remember this one.

  2. Thanks Lizzy :) Do share pictures if you end up making one!

  3. CUTE!!!!! I love it!....can you help me add a button to mine? And also add your button to mine? I wnat the one that says I was featured on yours...I am having problems editing my layout :(


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