Saturday, April 24, 2010

Embellished Towels Tutorial

Hi! I'm Pati and I am so honored to be here, guest-blogging at one of my favorite blogs! I have been crafting for as long as I can remember, however I am very new to the blogging scene. My blog, A Crafty Escape, is only three months old. I'm having a blast though, and learning a lot from wonderful ladies like Jill. I like to do a bit of everything including sewing, kid crafts, home decor, cake decorating and the like.

Today I'm going to be showcasing a tutorial for making embellished towels.

You are going to need some terrycloth, ribbons, matching thread and the usual sewing gear (pins, fabric scissors, etc). The measurement will depend on what size towels you want. I found this remnant of terrycloth that was 50% off and was able to make four hand towels that measure 11x18.

First step is to decide the size of the towels and cut the terrycloth.

Next you are going to hem the sides that need it.

Then you will need to mark where you want the ribbon to go. I chose to put it one inch away from the bottom. I marked this with an invisible marker to make it easier to place the ribbon. Finish off the edges of ribbon.

Pin the ribbon to the terrycloth using the pen mark you made earlier and choose your stitch. I used straight stitch on two and then tried the Fagoting Stitch on the last one.

Here you can see what each stitch looks like:

And that's it- you now have some embellished towels to match your bathroom!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed guest blogging. Please let me know if you have any questions and I'd love to see any towels you embellish. Come by and visit me at A Crafty Escape, I'd love to show you around! Thanks again Jill, it's been a blast :)


  1. Super cute idea & looks like something i could actually do

  2. Simple yet so adorable.. i love it


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