Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Door Decorations

I love this satin flower wreath I found over at Fancy Frugal Life.  I like it because it's different than any I've seen before, and I think it turned out really cute!  Find out how to make it here

I love this framed pom-pom art too!  You can find it over at The Krazy Craft Lady.


  1. Yay I'm so glad you featured this! I have to be sure that Sarah over at gets all the credit for the tutorial. I just got lucky to have her guest blog for me :) I'm following u now, loving your blog!


  2. Thanks so much for the feature on my wreath! I am brand new at this so it makes me feel like someone out there is enjoying! :)


  3. I love doing some custom design projects to be displayed on my iron doors every time there's some important event in our place or around the world, just like Christmas or Superbowl. It has been a while since I replaced my old doors with iron entry doors, and until now, with proper care and maintenance, you can ensure that it'll look good and give you a great sense of security.


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