Friday, March 11, 2011

Win, Lose, or Blog now accepting season 4 contestant applications {with am-a-zing prizes this season!}

Have you checked out Win, Lose, or Blog yet?  If you haven't you're in for a treat!  Whether you are on a weight loss journey yourself or just want a little inspiration to be healthier, it's a great blog!  I am one of the four team members who run it and it's so fun!  It's a weight loss challenge, which I think is great for bloggers (we all know we spend a bit too much time sitting in front of the computer, do we not?  I know I do!) 

Anyways, we have a new team member (Allison from House of Hempworths, yay!) and we have contacted some pretty amazing sponsors for this season, so if you've been thinking about applying to be a contestant, now is the time to do it!  Click here to apply.

If you don't want to be a contestant, go check it out and follow anyways.  We've got awesome weekly giveaways, healthy recipes, and a lot of inspiration.  Plus it's fun to watch the competition and cheer on our amazing contestants!

Hope to see you over there!


  1. Hi, I am hoppin’ through the “Boost My Blog Friday” blog hop and found you (I am now a follower). If you are able, I would love a follow back. Thank you!
    ~KerrieLynn ღೋ☙❤
    KLs Cupboard on Facebook
    KLs Cupboard on Twitter

  2. Too fun!! I'll have to check it out! I found you via boost my blog and am a new follower. Would love if you followed back :)

  3. Hi this is Nicole from Colie’s Kitchen I just discovered your blog and wanted to drop by and say hi. I am now a new follower. I would love to have you stop by Colie’s Kitchen if you get a chance.


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